Bootleggers Distillery Whiskey on a log in Hartford Tennessee
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Tasting & Tours

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Our distillery is open 7 days a week and always available for both tastings and tours. When you visit Bootleggers Distillery, you will be able to view a full list of our products to sample and see the entire process as we ferment and distill every day.
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Bootleggers Distillery Still Pouring into Bucket Making HomeMade Moonshine

Build a Barrel

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Have you ever dreamed of making your own whiskey?
Bootleggers Distillery Build a Barrel program gives you the opportunity to personalize your own whiskey from start to finish. Come in and design your own mash bills by choosing from a variety of grains to use in fermentation. The Bootleggers Distillery's team will assist you in perfecting your mash and distill this product to your desired whiskey proof. Once we have collected the distilled product, it is then placed in a barrel for aging. Your product can age for as long as you wish and will be bottled and labeled once you are happy with the age of your whiskey. We will assist you with the selection and design of your own label for your personalized product that will be approved and printed as soon as the design is complete.
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